Thursday, 14 September 2017

The First Duffy Assembly Of Term 3!

On Tuesday, a man by the name of Michael Mulipola, came to our school to introduce to us his amazing artworks and passions in his life. I was astonished to hear that Michael Mulipola was not only a Samoan illustrator, but apparently he's also a wrestler.

During his time with us, he showed off some of his finest art and sketches, and I was very amused. He drew the likes of Spiderman, Green Lantern, and well known pro-wrestlers. Surprisingly, he has been drawing at a very young age.

Some of his illustrations are in school journals, which we have at our school. After the assembly had ended, we buddy-read with partners. We were actually reading the books that were drawn by him. I enjoyed his comic art the very best.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Street Running!

Today was the first time this year, that we have ran around the block of Ruapotaka School. Straight after our 5 minute circuit workouts, each group, ran up the steep hill and vacated the school grounds responsibly. Each category of students ran for roughly about 10 minutes or more.

I ran with Saluselo for 1 lap and a half until he blitzed the rest of the way with all his speed and stamina. I didn't want to be caught finishing in last place so I sped up and as I entered school grounds and zoomed past the courts, I notice that there wasn't much people finished.

After me came a lot of other students who I thought would've beaten me, but because I had a head start I was the third Year 8 boy to finish. This was just a practice, but I think I still did great!!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

🛠 The Switch Over (Tech) 🛠

Today was the day that the year 7's and 8's switched over to a different activity at Tamaki College's Technicraft. The year 7 students all attended Mr Pineda's 'Graphics' class, which was our previous class. The year 8's including myself, proceeded to Mr Grundy's Workshop and our particular topic is currently glass.

Of course Mr Grundy WARNED us students about what would happen if we didn't follow the rules with respect - We would get either burned, cut, or hurt. Mr Grundy has very strict rules which are intended to protect us.

Our first task was drawing our designs, and mine was not too bad. My favourite sketch was a castle. I'm thinking of using that design to use for my glass activity.

Orienteering Is Back!

Orienteering is finally back, and it's been four, long years since we've last done it. Our guide or teacher, was Mr Leon and he showed us a few symbols or icons on the map of our school. On the first day, Mr Leon gave us all a clip card. All clip cards were unique because they each had different numbers.

It was a bit complicated at first because the clippers were not in alphabetical order, but I managed to execute it and not place last. It was fun simultaneously. The same day, we all trotted around the school with maps, and found each base.

Unfortunately, people had their map taken off them because it was not facing North. The following week, Mr Leon came back and handed us all a clip card and a map. We had to clip the card by using the map to find our destination.

I had heaps of fun and it was fun doing orienteering after four years.
 Orienteering (First Lesson)

 Orienteering (Second Lesson)

Friday, 28 July 2017

🏆 The Performance Was A Success! 🏆

Today, all the classes convened together in the Multi-purpose room to perform in front of each other.

Each class presented a spectacular performance, with their beautiful singing, entertaining dances and even a catwalk dressed in Samoan and Tongan cultural and traditional outfits. My class, executed a wonderful, Pacific song called 'How Far I'll Go' from the movie Moana. All performances were astonishing, starting from Room 1 and ending in Room 12.

One of my favourite acts, was Room 6's catwalk because it wasn't only amusing, it was also unique and different from the other classes. After watching every classes' item, I really think that the parents will be keen on coming to our school to watch our performances.

Room 1 - performed a 'Samoan Sasa'
Room 5 - sang 'Le Aute'
Room 6 - modelled a 'Catwalk'
Room 7 - danced to 'Coconut Tree'
Room 9 - sang 'Little Birdey'
Room 10 - executed a nice song, 'E Otua'
Room 12 - sang 'How Far I'll Go'

🎥 Movie Making For Manaiakalani 🎥

On Wednesday, (about 2:20pm) Mrs Golder gathered the Year 8s of Room 12 into Room 11 to start thinking about making a new movie. Last year, our entertaining movie was called 'The Focuser.' The genre of that one minute clip was an advertisement that was selected by the Ruapotaka School staff members to be the best film of Ruapotaka School that year.

This year, our topic is based upon New Zealand history, which is very major to our school, simply because Ruapotaka is a Maori term. First we came up with an unanimous decision which was the Rugby World Cup 1987. Seven students outvoted the other six which is why we are focusing on that topic.

Everyone in the Year 8 cluster will contribute to this movie which we hope will be successful.

Monday, 24 July 2017

✏📚 The Begining Of Term 3, 2017 📚✏

Finally, it is the first day of school, since the last day of Term 2 ended. When I was walking through the school gates, I was so nervous and apprehensive because it was the first day back. But then I remembered, that it was everybody's day back. I was thrilled to see my friends after the two weeks holiday.

During class time, Mrs Golder and Mr Reid gathered everyone on the mat to teach us new maths subject such as fractions, ratios and proportions which I have learnt last year. 

There will be a lot happening this Term like inter-school rugby, netball, and cross-country. I cannot wait to see where our learning will take us Term 3, 2017!