Thursday, 1 December 2016

Room 9's Senior Syndicate Assembly

On Monday, Room 9 hosted an amazing, unexpected Senior Syndicate Assembly. 

Their whole class participated in the assembly by each saying a line. Luckily, they all remembered them, but my favourite part of the assembly was the "Juju On That Beat" challenge. 

Three students from Rooms 9, 10, 11 and 12 had to dance to the song Juju On That Beat.

It was hilarious watching my friend Mika dance. Everyone enjoyed watching each class dance, even the teachers were laughing.

In the end, Room 12 won the competition and we celebrated by walking to class like role-models.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Testing Is Over! 📄

Today was the very last day of testing for 2016. We had so many tests like the E-asttle Writing Test, B.U.R.T Reading Test, Probe Reading Test, Measurement Maths Test, Algebra Maths Test and a couple more.

For the tests (Measurement and Algebra), I had the top mark. For the Measurement Test I had 39/40 and for the Algebra Test I had 32/40. However for the other tests I don't know what my results are yet.

I hope I receive a good mark for other tests.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pass Or Fail!

For the last few weeks, Rooms 11 and 12 have been doing loads and loads of testing.

We have already done P.A.T Reading Comprehension, Maths Measurement, Writing and most recently, Maths Algebra. The ones we did in Room 11 were P.A.T Reading Comprehension and Writing.

For our testing, the Year Sevens of Room 12 went to Room 11, and the Year Eights from Room 11 came to Room 12. We still have more tests coming soon and I'm trying to do my best to pass.

I'm guessing that everyone is trying their best too. If not, than most of them. I heard my teacher complimenting me in class, so that must be a good thing.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Term 4 Testing

Now that it is the third week of Term 4, we will be having a lot of tests throughout the Term. We had just finished the first test, a writing test.

We still have a couple more tests, Reading and Maths ones. For our Writing test, we had to write a narrative about objects disappearing.

I think I did a good job in passing my test. It was quite tricky thinking of some adjectives to describe the setting and characters.

I need to study in class and at home to pass my other two tests.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Adventure Through The Botanic Gardens!!!

Today (13.10.2016) after morning tea time, most of the Ruapotaka School went to the Botanical Gardens on three separate busses.

On the bus, I was sitting next to my friend Azahar. When we arrived to the Gardens in Manurewa, we all lined up in single files.

We lined up in our classes. Quros guided us into the gardens because he had the map. We saw a variety of different plants, insects, flowers, trees and statues. We explored different types of native plants and trees.

My class had lots of fun exploring the different parts of the Botanic Gardens.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Term 4 Begins!

Two and a half weeks ago, it was the end of Term 3 and now it is the beginning of Term 4. 

After the end of Term 3, we had two weeks to enjoy our holiday. During the holidays, I went to visit some of my family in West Auckland. 

I also went to Rainbows End to celebrate my sister's birthday. The other thing I did was mostly staying home. 

I didn't really have a very exciting holiday but I'm happy to be back at school.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The Cross-Country Race

On Wednesday in the afternoon everyone from Ruapotaka School (including the teachers) went up to Rooms One to Five to get ready to either watch or run in The Cross-Country Race. 

The students participated in the race, while the families and staff members spectated. I enjoyed watching the juniors run as they made a huge effort to finish the race. 

simultaneously felt nervous while running. When it was nearly my turn, I tried hard to focus. 

We waited for a couple of minutes ..... "GO!" yells Mrs Pederson. I quickly ran out of the gates and when I tried to finish I tripped up and scraped my knee. 

Unfortunately I didn't finish the race, but there's always next year.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Training To Be A Basketball Legend

On Wednesday (31.09.2016) the senior block of Ruapotaka School practised playing basketball. A man who coaches an Under 13 girl's team and Under 11 boy's team taught us some drills.

We were in teams of four, but some had five. In my team were Azahar, Mika, Quros and James. For our drills, we had to run around cones, practise blocking the defender and so on. 

It was lots of fun, and I can't wait until he comes back again.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mini Olympics Jamaica

Today, we had a to get into our Mini Olympics teams to colour in our flags. We created a slide to type about our countries. In my team are Leilani and Solomone from Room 10. Our country was Jamaica. My favourite athlete from the Rio Olympics is Usain Bolt. I can't wait for the Mini Olympics competition to start.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This Is Too Fun!

Last week on Thursday, my class Room 12 were the first class to experience Snag Golf in the seniors.

After fitness we had to quickly ZOOM into class and do the roll. Then as fast as we could, we discreetly walked up to the basketball court to greet our coach, to play and listen to the rules.

The rules were simple and we all followed them. Too bad I forgot them. Anyway, there were five teams and three people in each. In my team were James and Azahar. All of us had to aim for the yellow and red target and roll the ball at it. Then, we had to roll the ball in the hoop.

At last, we used the golf clubs. We did the same thing, but using golf clubs. My favourite part was hitting the ball with the golf clubs and getting the ball through the hoop even though I missed a lot. Well, if I have spare time I am going to practise to become better.

 It was lots of fun and I hope we get to play again.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

No Bees = No Humans

We are learning about bees and how important they are to the earth. These are some reasons on how and why we can save the bees.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Testing Our Maths Skills

On Tuesday, my class had a maths test based on measurement, time, area and perimeter.

Firstly we had to move our desks into different places of the classroom, then we started testing. At first I was confident, but then the questions were getting more difficult.

Then after the test, on Wednesday afternoon our results were in. When everyone saw their results they asked each other what results they had, including me.

My results were 28 out of 38.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Buddy Reading

On Monday, my class Room 12 went to Room 7. We went at 2:30 pm. Buddy reading is when the Room 7 students read to Room 12. You have to pair up into twos, or maybe threes.

 My buddy was Sonny, and my helper was Quros. Soon after Sonny read his book it was time to pack up. After we packed up the bell rang.

I can't wait until it's our turn to read to them.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Soccer At Lunchtime

Last week at lunchtime on Friday, Room 12 had a friendly game of soccer. The teams were mixed. Mr. Sok was the teacher who took us out to play soccer. In my team were Me, Aydrian, Maranatha, Heilala, Lupe and Mika. The score was 3-1 and my team won. After the game we shook each others' hands.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Special Assembly with Vector

Last Thursday, a special guest who worked at Vector came to Ruapotaka School. Vector is a company that is responsible for the electricity. 

Her name was Esther. She was talking about different types of electricity throughout New Zealand. She also showed us her cardboard helicopter and car. 

Then she put a lamp over the helicopter and the propeller started to spin. Next, she shined the lamp over the car, and it started to drive in circles. 

Later on, she gave us a pencil and booklet. I'm looking forward to another Special Assembly.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Room 12 Assembly

On Monday, Room 12 hosted the first Senior Syndicate Assembly for Term 2. In our assembly we made a game show and called it Class Feud. The game was based on the T.V show Family Feud. The contestants had to guess the answers to some questions. Room 9 won the game.

Then some students received a certificate for good learning in class. We also sang songs like Am I Wrong by Niko and Vinz and Hello by Adele. 

Our Assembly was lots of fun.

Friday, 6 May 2016

During The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Waiheke Island. My family and I woke up at seven o'clock in the morning, and we drove to the train station in Glen Innes. We waited for a few minutes after my dad bought the tickets for the train. Eventually, the train arrived and we hopped on board. We were heading to the city so we could catch a ferry on Waiheke Island.

When we disembarked, we had to quickly buy breakfast and wait near the checkout. We quickly ate our breakfast and then had to board the ferry. During the ride, I saw splashing waves and amazing views. When we arrived on Waiheke Island, we went through the forest. We also saw people in the forest. My family and I walked for a few minutes and finally found a restaurant.

They had some nice food on the menu. Later we ate and we went back down the forest and to the bus stop. Next stop we went to the beach. After the beach we went back to the ferry. Soon after a few minutes, we went back home.

What a fun and exhausting trip.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Holidays Are Near

This week is the last week of Term One. Next week will be school holidays. We will have school holidays for two weeks and will come back to school on the 2nd of May. I'm looking forward to the school holidays.
I will be going to the movies with my family, because it will be my cousin's birthday on the 1st of May.       It will be fun in the holidays.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Room 9 Assembly

Image result for anzac poppies drawingOn Monday it was Room Nine's turn to host an assembly. That was the first time that Room Nine had hosted an assembly this year. We sang songs like Count On Me by Bruno Mars and Flashlight by Jessie J. Also two people from each class had to contribute in a quiz about ANZAC. Room 12 won the quiz and received a laminated trophy. After the quiz, the teachers handed out some certificates. One for A grade homework, and one for learning in Class. I'm looking forward to another syndicate assembly next term.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Special Duffy Assembly

Last week on Friday after the lunchtime bell rang, we had a special guest coming to visit us. Her name was Rivender. When she came, she told us about what her jobs were. One job she did was to host shows, and she was on television. After she spoke, we sang the Duffy Song. When it was nearly time to go back to class, Quros had said a, "Thank you," to her for coming to our school. Then she gave him a hug.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Volcano Science Experiment

Last week on Thursday, we had another science experiment. It was about making a volcano. Again, we had to create an aim, hypothesis, ingredients and result. After we created those things, we went outside to make the volcano. My group followed our hypothesis, and it worked in the first try.
I hope you enjoy this experiment and you can try doing this at home.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lava Lamp Science Experiment

On Wednesday we did a science experiment making a Lava Lamp. We had split up into groups and tried to figure out ways to make a lava lamp. We typed down our aim, hypothesis, ingredients and results. For some of the groups it worked out but unfortunately for the other groups, it didn't work out. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Term 1 Week 4 Food Choices (5 + a Day)

5 + A Day Food Choices

Are you looking for some food to eat? If you are, maybe you should try eating fruits and vegetables, because it’s healthy and also helps your brain, body and bones. Here are some advice you can take to help you.

Fruits and vegetables are quite possibly the most healthiest meal in the world. Vegetables contain phytonutrients that help to stop bacteria and illnesses. All vegetables contain fibre ; some more than others. Fibre decreases the risk of heart infections and cancer. Eat vegetables that contain iron because it extends more blood cells so that oxygen can travel around the body faster.

Fruits have carbohydrates which has a lot of energy in it. Carbohydrates have little amounts of fat which is not too bad. Fruits have Vitamin C which assists your health and fights off infection. Carrots have calcium which aids your bones, teeth, nails and hair.

Eat Less Of These Foods
The foods you should eat less are: Fast food, Chocolates, Fizzy drinks and other foods that you think you shouldn’t eat most of the time or at all. These food contain sugar and an awful amount of fat, which is not good for your body and brain so that’s why you shouldn't eat these kinds of foods.

Remember to try and eat your fruits and vegetables daily, especially the people who don’t eat it that often. Remember, if you haven’t tried these foods and really want to, this will change your life.