Monday, 24 July 2017

✏ The Origin Of Term 3 📚

Finally, it is the first of school, since the last day of Term 2 (2017) ended. Everyone looked excited to return back to school and carry on with their daily school routines. I was thrilled to arrive to school and see my friends after the two week holiday.

During class time, Mrs Golder and Mr Reid taught the class new subjects such as fractions, ratios and proportions which sounded a bit challenging. During assembly, Mrs Vickers asked the entire school, "Who read during the holidays?"

We all had to be truthful (honest) so I stood up, because I was positive that I read in the holidays. About half of the school also stood up. It was a shame to see that not many people read during that period of two weeks. There will be a lot happening this Term like inter-school rugby, netball, and cross-country.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Skipping (Update)

Skipping is now six days away and Room 12 have been persevering with our skipping, from ever since we had started. Our group routines and warm ups have been upgraded from the assistance of our teachers Mrs Golder and Mr Reid.

Last time, our warm-ups were just ten skips forwards, backwards and side-to-side, but now, we added ten more skips for each skip to make it twenty.

My group has improved from last time and we have been practising to perform more advanced skipping manoeuvres. All of the teams put in a great effort to make their routines entertaining, using their own unique skills.