Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This Is Too Fun!

Last week on Thursday, my class Room 12 were the first class to experience Snag Golf in the seniors.

After fitness we had to quickly ZOOM into class and do the roll. Then as fast as we could, we discreetly walked up to the basketball court to greet our coach, to play and listen to the rules.

The rules were simple and we all followed them. Too bad I forgot them. Anyway, there were five teams and three people in each. In my team were James and Azahar. All of us had to aim for the yellow and red target and roll the ball at it. Then, we had to roll the ball in the hoop.

At last, we used the golf clubs. We did the same thing, but using golf clubs. My favourite part was hitting the ball with the golf clubs and getting the ball through the hoop even though I missed a lot. Well, if I have spare time I am going to practise to become better.

 It was lots of fun and I hope we get to play again.

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  1. Ni hoaw Jack Daniel, What a great effort you have put in this Blog post.
    What a great prediction of you playing snag golf!
    Keep it up!
    From Henry!