Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Soccer At Lunchtime

Last week at lunchtime on Friday, Room 12 had a friendly game of soccer. The teams were mixed. Mr. Sok was the teacher who took us out to play soccer. In my team were Me, Aydrian, Maranatha, Heilala, Lupe and Mika. The score was 3-1 and my team won. After the game we shook each others' hands.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Special Assembly with Vector

Last Thursday, a special guest who worked at Vector came to Ruapotaka School. Vector is a company that is responsible for the electricity. 

Her name was Esther. She was talking about different types of electricity throughout New Zealand. She also showed us her cardboard helicopter and car. 

Then she put a lamp over the helicopter and the propeller started to spin. Next, she shined the lamp over the car, and it started to drive in circles. 

Later on, she gave us a pencil and booklet. I'm looking forward to another Special Assembly.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Room 12 Assembly

On Monday, Room 12 hosted the first Senior Syndicate Assembly for Term 2. In our assembly we made a game show and called it Class Feud. The game was based on the T.V show Family Feud. The contestants had to guess the answers to some questions. Room 9 won the game.

Then some students received a certificate for good learning in class. We also sang songs like Am I Wrong by Niko and Vinz and Hello by Adele. 

Our Assembly was lots of fun.

Friday, 6 May 2016

During The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Waiheke Island. My family and I woke up at seven o'clock in the morning, and we drove to the train station in Glen Innes. We waited for a few minutes after my dad bought the tickets for the train. Eventually, the train arrived and we hopped on board. We were heading to the city so we could catch a ferry on Waiheke Island.

When we disembarked, we had to quickly buy breakfast and wait near the checkout. We quickly ate our breakfast and then had to board the ferry. During the ride, I saw splashing waves and amazing views. When we arrived on Waiheke Island, we went through the forest. We also saw people in the forest. My family and I walked for a few minutes and finally found a restaurant.

They had some nice food on the menu. Later we ate and we went back down the forest and to the bus stop. Next stop we went to the beach. After the beach we went back to the ferry. Soon after a few minutes, we went back home.

What a fun and exhausting trip.