Thursday, 24 November 2016

Testing Is Over! 📄

Today was the very last day of testing for 2016. We had so many tests like the E-asttle Writing Test, B.U.R.T Reading Test, Probe Reading Test, Measurement Maths Test, Algebra Maths Test and a couple more.

For the tests (Measurement and Algebra), I had the top mark. For the Measurement Test I had 39/40 and for the Algebra Test I had 32/40. However for the other tests I don't know what my results are yet.

I hope I receive a good mark for other tests.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pass Or Fail!

For the last few weeks, Rooms 11 and 12 have been doing loads and loads of testing.

We have already done P.A.T Reading Comprehension, Maths Measurement, Writing and most recently, Maths Algebra. The ones we did in Room 11 were P.A.T Reading Comprehension and Writing.

For our testing, the Year Sevens of Room 12 went to Room 11, and the Year Eights from Room 11 came to Room 12. We still have more tests coming soon and I'm trying to do my best to pass.

I'm guessing that everyone is trying their best too. If not, than most of them. I heard my teacher complimenting me in class, so that must be a good thing.