Friday, 24 February 2017

A Brand New Tabloids!

Last Wednesday (15.02.2017) after lunch play, the whole school gathered and lined up in front of Room 1.

We lined up because just recently, we made houses. They were Kikorangi, Kakariki, Kowai and Whero. They are all colours in Maori. Blue, (Kikorangi) Green, (Kakariki) Red, (Whero) and Yellow. (Kowai) When we lined up in our houses, our teams got split into two so there were eight teams altogether.

The reason why our teams were split up, was so they could compete against each other. After our teams were split up, we followed the teacher we were with and played an activity. My first activity was passing the tennis ball to my teammates and see how quickly we could do it.

Then we went to Mr. Reid and played soccer. After all the activities we did were over, we lined up in front of Room 1 again. Our team had a total of 35 points so we came second.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Duffy Show!!

Today, the whole school watched an amazing and entertaining Duffy Assembly. It all happened at 11:00 am after morning tea play was finished. Every class lined up in their rooms and started walking to the multi-purpose room.

Unfortunately, after the bell rang, I had to quickly rush to the staff room for tea-duties with Lupe. After we finished, we ran to the multi-purpose room to join the rest of the school and watch the show.

The show was about a super hero Global Girl who is a weather girl but also has dyslexia. She can't read so when she tries to change the weather, it turns into a disaster. Suddenly she lands on a different planet.

On Planet Earth, she meets a young boy, Duffy  who loves to read.  She asks him to help her on a mission to save the weather. He travels with her to different countries such as Australia, Tokelau and Africa.

Soon after they finish their missions, Duffy helps her to read because she didn't learn to do this in school.

It was pretty funny, but most of the time I could either not see because I was at the back, or couldn't hear because the juniors were screaming. Other than that, I liked the show because the actors were very loud and clear.

That show was one of my favourites from the last year ones.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

First Senior Syndicate Assembly For 2017!!! 😁

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, was the first ever Senior Syndicate Assembly of 2017.

Room 12 (My Class) hosted the assembly and it was amazing and entertaining. Firstly, Lupe introduced everyone to our assembly and welcomed Ms Riley because it was her first ever assembly with the senior block.

After a couple of lines from the students in Room 12, we sang our first song called 'Be Happy' by Velody. After that song, Lupe presented the certificates for people who did better than before. Vaimoana and Timote received the certificates in our class.

After the certificates were handed out to the students who were better than before, Azahar called on the dancers from each class to dance to their selected songs. Soon after this, Room 9 danced to 'Juju On That Beat.' 

Next, Rooms 10 and 11 danced to the same song as Room 9. Lastly, Room 12 danced to 'Hit The Quan.' Finally, we sang another song called 'Lean On Me.'

It was a great assembly to start the year off.