Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lava Lamp Science Experiment

On Wednesday we did a science experiment making a Lava Lamp. We had split up into groups and tried to figure out ways to make a lava lamp. We typed down our aim, hypothesis, ingredients and results. For some of the groups it worked out but unfortunately for the other groups, it didn't work out. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Term 1 Week 4 Food Choices (5 + a Day)

5 + A Day Food Choices

Are you looking for some food to eat? If you are, maybe you should try eating fruits and vegetables, because it’s healthy and also helps your brain, body and bones. Here are some advice you can take to help you.

Fruits and vegetables are quite possibly the most healthiest meal in the world. Vegetables contain phytonutrients that help to stop bacteria and illnesses. All vegetables contain fibre ; some more than others. Fibre decreases the risk of heart infections and cancer. Eat vegetables that contain iron because it extends more blood cells so that oxygen can travel around the body faster.

Fruits have carbohydrates which has a lot of energy in it. Carbohydrates have little amounts of fat which is not too bad. Fruits have Vitamin C which assists your health and fights off infection. Carrots have calcium which aids your bones, teeth, nails and hair.

Eat Less Of These Foods
The foods you should eat less are: Fast food, Chocolates, Fizzy drinks and other foods that you think you shouldn’t eat most of the time or at all. These food contain sugar and an awful amount of fat, which is not good for your body and brain so that’s why you shouldn't eat these kinds of foods.

Remember to try and eat your fruits and vegetables daily, especially the people who don’t eat it that often. Remember, if you haven’t tried these foods and really want to, this will change your life.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Going To Tech

Every Wednesday for the last two weeks, the Year sevens and Year eights went to Tech. Tech is when we go to Tamaki College to learn about new things and create some drawings, cooking, modelling etc. 
When I had hopped off the bus I saw a lot of people who used to come to Ruapotaka School. I was in the Graphics Class and my teacher was Mr Pineda. My favourite activity was drawing diagonal lines in boxes and it looked like a flower. In my group are, Mika, Timote, James, Athens, Lupe, Meana,  Azahar and Me.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

P.E 4-3-16

Every Friday Room 12 does P.E before lunchtime. For P.E we played Soccer Frisbee where we have to split up in teams and use a Frisbee to shoot in a goal and score. We also played netball with a rubber elephant toy, where the objective of the game is to pass the elephant and score into the goal. To score a point, you have to pass to your team-mates and make your way to the goal. Once your near the goal, you have to wait until one of your team-mates go inside the goal. When one of them is in the goal you have to pass the elephant to one of your team-mates to score. The person holding the elephant cannot move, but only the persons' team-mates.
The third game we played was Basketball. We played with a small basketball, but we could only catch it with one hand.
I'm looking forward to playing another sport this Friday.