Monday, 27 November 2017

Athletics Day 2017

Athletics Day 2017
On Tuesday it was Athletics day. There was plenty of fast paced action going on and it was fun to watch. All classes gathered onto the top field while the parents observed with amazement. I even heard a parent or guardian gasp when Dakbai crossed the finish line. I could tell that they were impressed.

I was also at a loss of words, when I saw the new entrant and Year 1 students pump their little legs to the finish line. Unfortunately, I wasn't cleared to run so I sat under the tree, but still enjoyed watching everyone give it their all and show off their speed. As the Year 8's and 7's dashed past me I could feel a strong gust of wind blowing my hair. They ran like the speed of lightning.

I simultaneously clapped and cheered as the races went on. I didn't criticise, because there was no lack of effort on the field. Everyone ran their hardest and it was a pleasure to watch. Well done to all the first, second and third place getters and to those will be running at the Inter-Schools' Athletics this Tuesday.

I don't want to be too biased but, my favourite runners were Pate, Timote and Dakbai. The effort they put into their races were amazing. I loved watching them challenge each other to their limits. I could see they were nervous, to compete against each other. It was like a fantasy rivalry.
Year 8 Boys (400m dash)

  Year 7 Boys (400m dash)

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