Friday, 24 February 2017

A Brand New Tabloids!

Last Wednesday (15.02.2017) after lunch play, the whole school gathered and lined up in front of Room 1.

We lined up because just recently, we made houses. They were Kikorangi, Kakariki, Kowai and Whero. They are all colours in Maori. Blue, (Kikorangi) Green, (Kakariki) Red, (Whero) and Yellow. (Kowai) When we lined up in our houses, our teams got split into two so there were eight teams altogether.

The reason why our teams were split up, was so they could compete against each other. After our teams were split up, we followed the teacher we were with and played an activity. My first activity was passing the tennis ball to my teammates and see how quickly we could do it.

Then we went to Mr. Reid and played soccer. After all the activities we did were over, we lined up in front of Room 1 again. Our team had a total of 35 points so we came second.

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