Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Street Running!

Today was the first time this year, that we ran around the block of Ruapotaka School. Straight after our 5 minute circuit workouts, each group, ran up the steep hill and vacated the school grounds responsibly. Each category of students ran for roughly about 10 minutes or more.

I ran with Saluselo for 1 lap and a half until he blitzed the rest of the way with all his speed and stamina. I didn't want to be caught finishing in last place so I sped up and as I entered the school grounds and zoomed past the courts, I noticed that there weren't many people who had finished.

After me came a lot of other students who I thought would've beaten me, but because I had a head start I was the third Year 8 boy to finish. This was just a practice, but I think I still did great!!

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