Wednesday, 16 March 2016

P.E 4-3-16

Every Friday Room 12 does P.E before lunchtime. For P.E we played Soccer Frisbee where we have to split up in teams and use a Frisbee to shoot in a goal and score. We also played netball with a rubber elephant toy, where the objective of the game is to pass the elephant and score into the goal. To score a point, you have to pass to your team-mates and make your way to the goal. Once your near the goal, you have to wait until one of your team-mates go inside the goal. When one of them is in the goal you have to pass the elephant to one of your team-mates to score. The person holding the elephant cannot move, but only the persons' team-mates.
The third game we played was Basketball. We played with a small basketball, but we could only catch it with one hand.
I'm looking forward to playing another sport this Friday. 

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