Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Practising Our Skipping!

For the last few weeks, Room 12 have been training, to do skipping with each other. To begin the lesson, Mr Reid told us to form rows and columns with Meafou and Isabell in the front facing us.

For warm ups, we skipped ten times forwards and backwards. If we failed in our attempts, then we had to keep going. We then, had to get into our skipping groups. We were not allowed to have all boys and all girls in one team. My team members were Min Zin, Henry and Alexandra.

We are still working on our routine, for the demonstration. There are still a couple of more weeks until the skipping day. After skipping, our energy dropped, because we were skipping for so long.

It was amazing seeing that everyone had worked together in their teams and I am looking forward to the skipping demonstration.

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