Friday, 28 July 2017

πŸ† The Performance Was A Success! πŸ†

Today, all the classes convened together in the Multi-purpose room to perform in front of each other.

Each class presented a spectacular performance, with their beautiful singing, entertaining dances and even a catwalk dressed in Samoan and Tongan cultural and traditional outfits. My class, executed a wonderful, Pacific song called 'How Far I'll Go' from the movie Moana. All performances were astonishing, starting from Room 1 and ending in Room 12.

One of my favourite acts, was Room 6's catwalk because it wasn't only amusing, it was also unique and different from the other classes. After watching every classes' item, I really think that the parents will be keen on coming to our school to watch our performances.

Room 1 - performed a 'Samoan Sasa'
Room 5 - sang 'Le Aute'
Room 6 - modelled a 'Catwalk'
Room 7 - danced to 'Coconut Tree'
Room 9 - sang 'Little Birdey'
Room 10 - executed a nice song, 'E Otua'
Room 12 - sang 'How Far I'll Go'

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