Monday, 24 July 2017

✏πŸ“š The Begining Of Term 3, 2017 πŸ“š✏

Finally, it is the first day of school, since the last day of Term 2 ended. When I was walking through the school gates, I was so nervous and apprehensive because it was the first day back. But then I remembered, that it was everybody's day back. I was thrilled to see my friends after the two weeks holiday.

During class time, Mrs Golder and Mr Reid gathered everyone on the mat to teach us new maths subject such as fractions, ratios and proportions which I have learnt last year. 

There will be a lot happening this Term like inter-school rugby, netball, and cross-country. I cannot wait to see where our learning will take us Term 3, 2017!

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