Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Assessments Are Today

Today, Room 12, had five Maths tests and a Spelling test right after fitness. Our Maths test was a bit tricky at first but as I finished a maths problem, and moved on to another, I started speeding up and eventually finished before the time ran out.

Our first Maths test was multiplication. There were two rows filled with problems to solve. We had one minute to fill in the answers for each column, but we just used the whole two minutes to complete both two rows. The second Maths test was on division, and again we repeated the same process.

Our next two Maths tests were addition and subtraction. And our fifth and final Maths test was a mix of all four previous tests. I had no problem finishing on time but I found out that I got some wrong, because my, "Nine's were shaped like the letter 'a'.

We just finished our STAR Reading Test as well. Mr Reid is currently marking them and we are yet to find out the results. Fingers crossed, I will receive a high percentage correct.

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